Ava Kalderash
Ava Kalderash
Portrayed By Mila Kunis
Gender Female
Species Witch
Date of Birth August 14, 1980
Age 21
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases None
Place of Birth Unknown
Current Location Los Angeles, CA USA
Occupation Fortune Teller, Con Artist
Known Relatives Khalderash Clan, Jenny Calendar (deceased)
Significant Other Nicolae Lakatos
Special Powers Magic, Prophetic Dreams & Visions
First Appearance Prelude To An Evening

Ava Kalderash is a witch of Romany descent who help out Team Gunn. She is a descendant of the young gypsy girl killed by Angelus that resulted in the curse that restored his soul, and a cousin of the now deceased Jenny Calendar. Ava is also gifted with psychic visions, sometimes of the future, sometimes of something happening at that very moment.


Ava Maria Kalderash's parents were not only good Catholics, but also descendants of a long line of Romany who claimed themselves rulers of their respective clans. Not long after Ava was born, a ritual was performed to determine what her role in life would be by placing several objects in front of her. Almost immediately, Ava let out a bubbly little baby laugh and reached out to pluck her mother's crystal ball up from the various and sundry objects, marking her as drabarna, one who had the potential for magical power and the gift of prophecy in dreams.

Her family's kumpania moved around the US more or less off the grid for many years, her standard education ending up a mix of informal home schooling and forays into the local public school, often using fake ID's to keep the various family services departments from catching up with them. But Ava's education also extended to the mystic arts and to keep track of her dreams and interpet them, taught to her by the elders of her family - her mother, grandmother, aunts and uncles. She was given access to her family's tomes, but always under their watchful eye.

Ava often felt like she lived two lives, particularly when she had the opportunity to go to regular school. She had difficulty fitting in at times, for despite being pretty, it was pretty obvious that she was poor by most people's standards. And being poor and pretty usually resulted in guys making certain assumptions that Ava inevitably had to correct. She was grateful to the men in her family for teaching her how to handle herself, or at least get away. Still, often she would find herself wishing she didn't lead the life she led - she just wanted to be accepted and normal.

The Kalderash clan carries many secrets, and as with many Roma, it was their way to always remember those who offended them. Ava was told many stories of how they had prevailed against those that would harm them, and amongst those stories was that of Angelus, the vampire who'd been re-gifted with his soul as a punishment for feeding and killing upon a favorite of the clan, with gifts much like Ava's. It was a favorite story of hers, but it was also just that - a story. Oh, Ava knew that there were things that go bump in the night, but they didn't tend to pervade into her every day life.

When she turned sixteen, that all changed. Her dreams had become increasingly frequent, though they were never something she could control - they came when they came, and not always clearly. But throughout them all, she had the pervasive feeling that something was coming. Something was rising. Eventually she must have repeated her dreams to half the elders of her clan, but eventually it was determined that the kumpania should move. California was the locale of choice, and with her increased powers also came additional concern from her elders. Phonecalls were made, and within weeks a new arrival at the kumpania came in the form of Nicolae Lakatos, the son of another clan, born and bred for the hunting of demons and the protection of his people.

Their interactions were initially awkward, and began to grow in affection. The family noticed, and were concerned - what could they do? They had asked for Niku to be brought to America. Now the pair were acting in a fashion inevitable to their genders, and seperating them was dangerous to her safety. Things were more or less kept in check until the pair graduated highschool. They ran away that summer to LA, and proceeded to live in sin, quite content with themselves.

They've been in La La Land for about three years. Ava reads tarot and scams morons, while Nicu tends to get himself bruiser work, mainly as a bouncer. Living in a more dangerous part of LA, it was inevitable that they ran into Charles Gunn, and the pair occaisionally help him in his effort to destroy the demonic that would terrorize Los Angeles. For Ava, it's a 'helping others' thing. Nicolae calls it excercise.


[All Things Romany] Ava is familiar with the customs and traditions of her people, as well as her clan's dialect of the Romany language. She frequently speaks it with Nicolae, regardless of how rude it might be to do so in front of others.

[Con Artist] In as much as Ava is the genuine article when it comes to divination and magic, the majority of her clients are generally the victims of the various fortune telling cons she was taught by her family. It's the bread and butter of how they lived, after all.

[Fortune-Telling] Ava is educated in the various arts of divination. Her method of choice is tarot cards, but she is also familiar with palm reading, tea leaves, crystal balls, mirror gazing, runes, bones tossing, and even (gulp) haruspication.

[Quite The Little Actress] No one can pull a tearful face or project naive innocence quite like Ava. She's got a knack for convincing people of what she wants to believe, though it's much easier to do this to strangers then folks she knows, who know her. She believes that if someone is foolish enough to believe her, they deserve exactly what they get.

[Rough And Tumble] She's nowhere near the fighter that folks like Nicolae and Gunn are, but Ava knows how to throw a punch. She also bites and kicks. Basically, she fights dirty with an emphasis on Getting The Hell Away, though it's rare that she resorts to physical fighting when she has her magic to count on.

[Spooky Ooky] While Nicolae's occult education is more along the lines of Demons And How To Kill Them, Ava's knowledge tends to focus more on spells, mystical artifacts, and of course, the legend of Angelus.

[Sticky Fingers] Though it's a sad stereotype, Ava's got some experience in picking pockets and shoplifting. She can even jimmy a basic tumbler lock, but she'll never be a professional thief. And hot wiring cars? She'll leave that to the experts.

[Tiny Dancer] Ava's hips don't lie. She was raised in a family that loved dancing and singing, and while she's not a professional, she can work it on the dance floor without being laughed off. What she can do is more or less limited to what you'd see in clubs, though she's also familiar with some forms of ballroom dancing.




  • "So you and Nic get to go hunting, and I do what, stay home and float pencils to entertain the kiddies? You do realize that magic isn't just standing around holding white candles chanting in Latin with symbols drawn on the floor in Crayola, right? You need more experience with street magic."
  • "The past is often easier to be specific about. What's done is done. The future's nebulous, you know?"

Ava's Bag Of Tricks


  • The visions that drabarne experience while dreaming cause them to weep as they slumber. The tears of a drabarne harvested while sleeping are considered a potent and rare spell component.


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