Angel City MUSH

Los Angeles: land of sun, palm trees, and the dirt and grind of a typical major city. On its face, it is a place of opportunity and productivity, where old and young, poor and rich come together to scratch out a living in the great rat race. Beneath the surface, however, Los Angeles harbors a darker side — a side filled with violence, blood, and things that are spoken of only in horror stories. Regular humans roam the streets alongside the things that go bump in the night, oblivious to the dangers around them.

Luckily there are those who make it their mission to protect the unfortunates — but just as there are guardians, there are adversaries. It's a constant struggle to stay one step ahead of the opposition, and the stakes are very high. So high that the entirety of humanity will be affected if good men fail.

Welcome to the City of Angels.

Angel City MUSH is a text-based game set in the universe of the Joss Whedon shows Angel and (to a lesser extent) Buffy. You can connect with the following:

  • Address:
  • Port: 3993

If you are already a player on the game and have not joined the wiki, you may apply by following the instructions here.

Welcome and enjoy!

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